Free Shuttle Bus Between Terminals T1 and T2 at Milan's Malpensa Airport

QuestionHow many different terminals does Malpensa Airport have? Is it easy to transit between T1 and T2 at Malpensa Airport? How do I get from T2 to T1 at Malpensa Airport? Is there a free shuttle bus between terminals; and where do I catch it? How long does it take to get from T1 to T2 at Malpensa Airport, and what is the distance between terminals?


Shuttle Bus Between Terminals T1 and T2 at Milan's Malpensa Airport - Fast Facts

shuttle between Milan Malpensa Airport terminals T1 and T2 showing intermediate stops on the bus display
The free terminal shuttle bus at Malpensa Airport between T1 and T2, showing intermediate stops on its display.

The Airport: Malpensa Airport

- the main airport for Milan, second in Italy only to Rome Fiumicino (while the other two airports that serve Milan - Bergamo / Orio al Serio Airport and Linate Airport (closest to Milan city) - are still the 3rd and 4th busiest in all of Italy)

- around 30 miles / 50 km northwest from the center of Milan

Number of Terminals: Two, T1 and T2 (T2 is the EasyJet terminal)

Distance Between Terminals: Over 2 miles; around 4 km

Shuttle Bus Between Terminals: Yes

Terminal Shuttle Bus Sign & Name: "Airport Bus"

Terminal Shuttle Bus Trip Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Terminal Shuttle Bus Hours & Frequency:

- 06:00-23:30, approx. every 7 minutes
- 23:30-06:00, approx. every 30 minutes

Terminal Shuttle Bus Cost: Free

Terminal Shuttle Bus Stop Locations:

- At T1, the terminal shuttle bus stop is just outside the western entrance for the T1 train station. (The T1 train station is under the Sheraton Hotel & Convention complex that faces T1.)

(This Google Streetview shows the ground level at the bottom of the Sheraton Hotel & Convention complex at Terminal 1 of Malpensa Airport. This is the west side of the long rectangular building. Terminal 1 faces the complex on its opposite east side, and is connected by an overhead walkway on that opposite east side. A large entrance towards the T1 train station can be seen in the middle of the background just behind the group of passengers waiting for the bus. This is the stop for the free shuttle bus between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The bus stop sign just says "Airport Bus", and has a diagram indicating some of the stops in between T1 and T2. Feel free to click and drag around inside the interactive Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

- At T2, follow the "Airport Bus" sign and exit (east) the Arrivals Building and you will immediately see the "Airport Bus" terminal shuttle bus stop along the side of the Arrivals Building.

(This indoor Google Streetview is inside the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 2, much smaller than the newer Terminal 1. Just use the exit on the right here (east) as directed by the sign saying "Airport Bus". You will immediately see the bus stop for the free shuttle bus between Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 just along the side of this building - to the right again just as you step out of this exit. Meanwhile, you will also see buses to other destinations, such as to Milano Centrale Station, all waiting and directly facing you, all very visible and obvious, from the parking area that this exit immediately leads out to. Feel free to click and drag around inside the interactive Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

N.B. Since Dec 2016, the train line has been extended to a newly built station at T2, so it is possible to use a train between T1 and T2. However, the trains usually run only once every 15 minutes instead of approx. every 7 minutes by the terminal shuttle bus; and the train is not free, costing exactly 2 euros for the short 6 minute train ride. And while both the shuttle bus stop and the T1 train station are close to each other; the shuttle bus stop at T2 is much closer to the T2 terminal building than the new T2 train station, which is accessed by walking along a covered walkway.

For all public transport beyond Malpensa Airport to the center of Milan and to other cities, by train and coach / bus, you can refer to the official Malpensa Airport website on its "To and From" page.


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