Milan's Navigli district: Metro or trams for public transport? Fastest way from Milan Airport? What's the best way to get to and from the Navigli, and to get around?

Q: What is the best way to get to Milan's Navigli district for its bars and restaurants? Can I catch the Metro or trams for public transport? And if my hotel is in the Navigli, what is the best way to get around? What is the fastest way to the Navigli if I come from Milan airport?

A: Possibilities include green M2 Metro, Tram 2, Tram 14, Tram 9 and Tram 3.

Green M2 Metro for the Navigli district, using Porta Genova station

Fastest way to the bars and restaurants of the Navigli area... green M2 Metro line to Porta Genova Station in the southeast. Important stops on the green M2: Loreto - Centrale - Garibaldi - Cadorna - Porta Genova. (SEE the detailed article on the green M2 Metro Line.) Thus if you are coming from Malpensa Airport to your hotel, apartment or b&b in the Navigli district, the fastest and shortest route is the Malpensa Express train to Cadorna station (rather than Milano Centrale), then take the M2 Metro to Porta Genova. Coming from the opposite destination of Linate Airport, there are buses between Linate Airport and Stazione Centrale. Then from the Centrale Metro Station, take the green M2 Metro line to Porta Genova in the south.

Public transport routes converging on Porta Genova station on the green M2 Metro line in the southwest corner of Milan, in the vicinity of the Navigli leisure district. While Tram 14, shown in pink, comes only as close as one stop away from Porta Genova station, Tram 2, shown in light blue, travels on virtually the same route from the centre of the city, but does in fact go by Porta Genova station, then continues southwest along the Naviglio Grande. Tram 9, shown in light brown, takes a round-about route along Milan's Inner Ring Road, originating from Stazione Centrale, which is actually northeast of the city centre. Tram 3, shown in dark brown, originates from its central Duomo terminus, but only comes as close as Porta Ticinese at the Piazza XXIV Ventiquattro Maggio stop where it intersects with the Tram 9 route. You can use the original online interactive map at Milan's official choose English at the top left corner, and input the line numbers under "find lines"

Tram 2 and Tram 14 via the city centre

From Brera > Duomo > Corso Genova > Porta Genova Station, there is Tram 2. Tram 2 comes from further north near Porta Garibaldi. There is a tram stop just for the Naviglio Grande, after Porta Genova Station and just before the canal bridge. Tram 14 comes along virtually the same route, but originates from the far northwest Cimitero Maggiore, going past Piazza Firenze and Via Cenisio of the Sempione district; and does not go directly to Porta Genova Station - you will have to get off just one stop away at Piazzale Cantore (the original site of the Porta Genova gate to the Spanish Walls of the city, the only remnant being a customs house to the gate that now houses a fashion boutique, near the centre of the piazzale).

Tram 9, around the Inner Ring Road from Stazione Centrale

Coming along the semi-circle of Milan's Inner Ring Road, and before that Porta Venezia < Piazza Repubblicca < Centrale (its originating terminus, at Piazza Quattro Novembre on the west side of Stazione Centrale), is Tram 9 that terminates at Porta Genova Station, on this round-about route. If you wanted, you could stop off a little earlier at Porta Ticinese (Piazza XXIV Ventiquattro Maggio stop); take a few photos of the picturesque historical triumphal gate there, and maybe even wander up the interesting Corso di Porta Ticinese - then later, walk back to the Navigli district. (Tram 10 - the sister-service to Tram 9 - will also arrive at Porta Genova station from Stazione Centrale; but taking the opposite anti-clockwise route along that Inner Ring Road of Milan.)

Tram 3, from city centre to Porta Ticinese

Tram 3 - originating from its Duomo terminus, then heading south down Corso di Porta Ticinese - also passes through Piazza XXIV Ventiquattro Maggio, which you can use to access the Navigli neighbourhood; but Tram 3 continues directly south, and does not go nearer to Porta Genova Station.

Click to enlarge. Image Credit: Navigli district Panoramio photos by.

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