Milan's best & biggest shopping centres and shopping malls - some easily reached from the centre of Milan, the big malls outside Milan

Q: Where are the best and biggest shopping centres and shopping malls in Milan that I can get to for indoor shopping? The weather is cold and wet outside. I don't want to go walking outside on any of Milan's many famous shopping streets.

If you want to avoid the rain and do a lot of indoor shopping, here are a few suggestions listed in rough order of distance from the centre of Milan (Refer the list below to a Metro map of Milan):

- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II right at the Piazza del Duomo heart of the city; historic and beautiful with many expensive things. A few steps away is the large upscale department store, La Rinascente; again lots of precious expensive things here.

- Milano Centrale station is a mini shopping city in itself.

- There is a small suburban shopping mall next to the Bonola Metro station on the red M1 line northwest of Milan, the Centro Commerciale Bonola.

- The Centro Commerciale Piazza Portello is larger (but some of it could be considered outdoors) and is also northwest of Milan's centre; but to get there, it would be best to catch Tram 19 from its terminus near Sforza castle / Cairoli on the red M1 line.

- There is even a bigger shopping centre at Assago at the southern end of the green M2 Metro line. There is a nice new complex connected to the Assago Milanofiori Nord station, and then two big shopping malls beyond that.

Biggest shopping centres are outside of Milan

The biggest shopping malls are outside of Milan's centre; most easily reached by car. Here is a list, with links for directions:

- "Fiordaliso", Rozzano, south of Milan.

- "Carosello", Carugate, northeast of Milan, directions.

- "La Corte Lombarda", Bellinzago Lombardo, northeast of Milan.

- "Il Globo", Busnago, northeast of Milan.

- "Il Centro", Arese, northwest of Milan, newest & biggest just opened April 2016, 200 stores.

Milan biggest shopping mall centre, Il Centro Commerciale Arese, interior view
Il Centro, shopping mall in Arese outside of Milan - with 200 stores, and touting itself as Europe's largest mall. Image credit: Il Centro

[Answers by Milanfinally to Frequently Asked Questions - for a trip to visit Milan, on travel or tour - Ask a Milan Question!- series of posts]


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