What is the latest after my night flight, can I leave Milan's Malpensa Airport by public transport (train, or Metro, or bus)? My plane arrives very late at night, and I'm worried if airport public transport will still be running.

Q: My flight arrives at Milan's Malpensa Airport really late at night, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out of immigration/customs with my luggage. What is the very last public transport service (train or Metro or bus) available out of Malpensa Airport to Milan city? Where in Milan city does it take me?

The route between Malpensa Airport and Milan city is served by two forms of public transport: the Malpensa Express train service (ending at two different "forks" which you need to choose: a 52 minute ride terminating at Milano Centrale Station, or a 37 minute ride to Cadorna Station which is actually closer to the heart of the city); or bus/coach services which only terminate at Milano Centrale Station.

The last train leaves Malpensa Airport T1 for Cadorna Station at 00:26, not long after midnight

Malpensa Express train service, departing from from Malpensa Airport (first from the T2 terminus, then T1, and then towards Milan - refer to the downloadable timetable at the Malpensa Express official website): 

- the last five scheduled train services are: Malpensa T1 - Centrale, 22:43 - 23:35; Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 22:56 - 23:33; Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 23:26 - 00:03; Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 23:56-00:27; Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 00:26 - 00:57;

- the first four scheduled train services resuming in the morning are: Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 05:26 - 06:03; Malpensa T1 - Centrale, 05:43 - 06:35; Malpensa T1 - Cadorna, 05:56 - 06:33; Malpensa T1 - Centrale, 06:13 - 07:05.

The last bus at night leaves Malpensa Airport at 1:20 am, heading for Milano Centrale Station

The combined timetables of the three bus companies, makes buses rather than trains the most frequent service to Malpensa Airport; however, they only have one choice for a city terminus, and that is by the side of Stazione Centrale. (All their routes are T1 - T2 - Centrale.) Of the three bus companies, Malpensa Shuttle (by Air Pullman) has a marginally more extensive timetable than Autostradale (Malpensa Airport Bus Express) or Terravision:

- last Malpensa Shuttle bus service: T1 - T2 - Centrale, 01:20 - 01:30 - 02:10;

- first resuming service of the Malpensa Shuttle bus: T1 - T2 - Centrale, 05:00 - 05:10 - 05:50.

(Check the bus timetables and other details at their official websites: Malpensa Shuttle, Autostradale, Terravision.)

The short answer therefore is that the very last public transport out of Malpensa Airport is the Malpensa Shuttle bus service: T1 - T2 - Centrale, 01:20 - 01:30 - 02:10. If you miss that one, you will have to wait at the airport for over 3 hours, until after 5:00 am when the buses and trains start to resume their services.

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