What is there to do near Zara M3 Metro station, adjoining the Isola neighborhood? My hotel is near there.

A: If you're staying around Zara M3 Metro Station, lively areas for restaurants and shops tend to gravitate south towards Porta Garibaldi Station (intersection of green M2 and lilac M5 Metro lines - the south side of which has the famous hotspot for restaurants/nightlife/shopping, Corso Como, leading away from the station - SEE the detailed article about the Porta Garibaldi district and its Corso Como; and a detailed article for the destinations of the Yellow M3 Metro line from the north, to Centrale, Duomo, Porta Romana and the southeast).

(This is the Google Streetview of Via Borsieri, in Isola, looking south towards Porta Garibaldi Station, with the famous Blue Note Jazz Club on the right - the popular Sophia Chinesebistro is just on the other side of the road, out of view, on the left; with more popular restaurants around the corner to the right, along Via Lambertenghi, and even more along the street towards the station. SEE map of these popular and well-rated restaurants, with links to reviews, on the Milanfinally Google Map of Milan. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

The main path to Porta Garibaldi Station from the north is Via Pietro Borsieri which has quite a number of good restaurants nearby, starting perhaps from around the Blue Note Jazz Club (which is the only branch in Europe of this famous name in jazz), all the way south to the station.

Click for this interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan. Image here of the Isola district, north of Porta Garibaldi Station in the southwest corner of this map, with a pink marker indicating Italy's tallest Unicredit Tower. The other pink marker just to the north of the station indicates the Bosco Verticale (vertical forest) building, while a blue marker on the west side of this image indicates the Palazzo Lombardia, a previous tallest of Italy. All three are famous architectural pieces. Piazzale Lagosta, a tram hub, with a yellow marker for its municipal market, at the northern edge of this image, has Via Garigliano and some restaurants, with purple markers, leading away towards the southwest from the piazzale. The important Via Borsieri with surrounding restaurants, runs north to south on the left hand side of this image, leading all the way to Porta Garibaldi Station at the bottom.

Nearby restaurant areas include Via Garigliano which leads from the busy tram terminus (for trams heading south from Zara) and traffic circle of Piazzale Lagosta, connecting to, and forming a fork with, the first mentioned Via Borseri.

The middle of Piazzale Lagosta also contains one of Milan's small municipal food markets, which might occupy some of your time, or even deserve regular visits, if you are a traveling foodie.

The areas of Isola adjacent as well as east and northeast of Porta Garibaldi Station are also a showcase of modern architecture, as it is the site of Milan's grand Porta Nuova Project for a new CBD area. This includes Italy's tallest skyscraper, the Unicredit Tower designed by the famous Cesar Pelli, virtually at the doorstep of Porta Garibaldi Station. Just wander where your eyes lead you, to enjoy the wonderful architectural designs in this district - which might induce a bout of camera snapping. (SEE the map of notable buildings in this area at the Skyscrapercenter.com Milan page.)

[Answers by Milanfinally to Frequently Asked Questions - for a trip to visit Milan, on travel or tour - Ask a Milan Question!- series of posts]


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