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A) Milan's public transport system; Metro trains, trams and buses - Tickets; what to buy, how to buy, how to use on ATM's network: Milan's Metro system, the trams and city buses are all managed by Milan's public municipal authority for transport, ATM... extensive, efficient, frequent and affordable - something which Milanese expect, demand and use in their daily lives. There is hardly any place within the city of Milan, that is not reachable for the tourist by public transport... Milan City's Boundary for the Urban Fare Limit... read more

 * * * *network map of Milan trams from

B) Tram routes through central downtown: ... there is no point where many Metro lines converge. In contrast, more than ten tram routes all head towards the downtown area, aiming for the very heart of old Milan's Centro Storico... almost as many trams converge on Piazza Cordusio one stop away just a short distance to the northwest of the Cathedral... read more 

C) Red M1 Metro Line - Milan's "Shopping Line": ... running the length of Corso Buenos Aires (candidate for the world's longest shopping street), and past the popular shopping destinations of Porta Venezia, San Babila, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II by the side of Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, as well as Corso Vercelli. read more 

Map of Milan red M1 Metro Line to popular shopping destinations* * * *satellite image Milan Navigli Grande canal and Porta Genova Station with Metro M2 Porta Genova

D) Green M2 Metro Line - the only Metro line for the Navigli area at Porta Genova: Milan's longest Metro line that connects the important and older railway stations of Cadorna, Porta Garibaldi, as well as Milano Centrale - and also to shopping-haven Corso Buenos Aires at the busy Loreto Station, and the interesting leisure and entertainment district of Navigli near Porta Genova Metro Station... read more 

E) Yellow M3 Metro Line - the only Metro line to Porta Romana: ... the only Metro line that directly connects the two extremely important points on the map of Milan: Milano Centrale and Milan Cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo), along the Piazza della Repubblica - Montenapoleone axis; before heading to the southeastern districts of Milan, passing through Porta Romana on the inner ring road. read more 

Porta Romana Metro Station underground entrance for the yellow M3 line with historical Spanish Wall in background of this Google Streetview* * * *champions league final 2016 in Milan San Siro Stadium

F) Lilac M5 Metro Line - the newest and most convenient way to get to the San Siro Stadium (N.B. the M4 line is not yet open): ... connecting Milan's north to Porta Garibaldi, then westwards to the city districts of Sempione, Fiera then the San Siro Stadium ... opens up new accommodation options north of Milan's External Ring Road... makes an accommodation choice for hotel or apartment along this M5 line perfect for attending the San Siro... Watch out! The M5 is so new that the trains are automated and driverless. read more 

G) Milano Centrale Station: The passenger numbers in this station are over 4 times the next ranked sGation in Milan, Milano Porta Garibaldi (which serves mainly as Milan's suburban commuter hub), and over 6 times the passenger numbers that use Milan's main airport at Malpensa. So you can now see the scale of importance that Stazione Milano Centrale signifies... serving the entry of visitors into Milan from other cities in Italy, and international visitors coming from other European countries... read more

Milano-stazione-Centrale-Via-Pisani* * * *Stazione Milano Centrale #3 rated restaurant Vyta bakery / boulangerie

H) Best restaurants to try and the worst to avoid, inside Milano Centrale: While waiting for your train at Milano Centrale, find your way to the best dining choices available; and avoid the worst. (Great options too, if your hotel is somewhere around Centrale.)... There are close to 30 restaurants inside Milano Centrale railway station. What are your best restaurant choices to avoid a bad experience? read more 

I) Porta Garibaldi Station: Milan's second most important train station after Milano Centrale, and is the most important one for suburban commuter traffic, with 9 out of the 12 suburban "S" lines having Porta Garibaldi as their focus (with a handful of international and national inter-city train services). It is now also a Metro interchange station for Metro lines M2... as well as the newly expanded M5 to the San Siro Stadium... and also enjoy Milan's now famous Corso Como, a short pedestrianized street, lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and very famous nightclubs/discotheques, that has been named "Milan's night life frontrunner"... read more 

milano porta garibaldi station with skyscrapers of the Porta Nuova new business district behind* * * *Milan bus 49 passing San Siro Stadium

J) Milan's Outer West - Metro, trams and the four bus routes that connect to San Siro Stadium: These outer suburbs are mostly residential... There are no high concentrations of shops or restaurants, but we point you to the best spots... it is probably wise to find accommodation either near the Tram 14 line in the south; or near the Metro's fork of the M1 line that runs... straight through the middle of this western area terminating at Bisceglie Station; or finally near the three end stations of the new M5 Metro line (or Tram 16 that runs almost on the same streets)... but four bus routes thread through this area, all running past the San Siro Stadium... read more 

K) Tram 16, the traditional way to reach San Siro Stadium: ... passing the Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo through the centre of Milan - the traditional way to reach... one of Europe's holiest cathedrals to football: the San Siro Stadium. Where are some good places to stay along this route? read more 

Line 16 Tram at San Siro Stadium Milan

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Milan Metro System. Click on the picture to expand, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro, or go to the interactive Google Map with Milan Metro lines.


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