Best areas or districts for your Milan hotel, hostel, apartment or b&b

Milan's best areas / districts / neighbourhoods - for finding a room to stay on your trip, and enjoying your stay when you visit or move to Milan.

- an introductory index of articles in

(SEE Interactive Map below, with listed areas marked with a blue star)

1. Milan's Castello (Sforza Castle) and Largo Cairoli: Get a room near Milan's Castello as an alternative to staying around the Piazza del Duomo Cathedral... a collection of accommodation options that cluster around the Castello area of old Milan... Many of the historical attractions are still close by... and the expansive greenery of of central Milan's largest park... Parco Sempione, is just as near. read more 

Castello Milano Sforza Castle from Via Dante, with Largo Cairoli and Garibaldi statue* * * *milano porta garibaldi station with skyscrapers of the Porta Nuova new business district behind

2. Porta Garibaldi: Get a room in a hotel or apartment near Milan's 2nd most important transport centre... and enjoy Milan's now famous Corso Como, a short pedestrianized street, lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and very famous nightclubs/discotheques, that has been named "Milan's night life frontrunner"... read more 

3. Milano Centrale Station: The place in Milan with the biggest number and supply of hotels... is most definitely in the area that fronts on to Milan's major railway terminal station, Milano Centrale... serving the entry of visitors into Milan from other cities in Italy, and international visitors coming from other European countries... read more

Milano-stazione-Centrale-Via-Pisani* * * *Stazione Milano Centrale #3 rated restaurant Vyta bakery / boulangerie

4. Best restaurants to try and the worst to avoid, inside Milano Centrale: While waiting for your train at Milano Centrale, find your way to the best dining choices available; and avoid the worst. (Great options too, if your hotel is somewhere around Centrale.)... There are close to 30 restaurants inside Milano Centrale railway station. What are your best restaurant choices to avoid a bad experience? read more 

5. Around the Sempione neighbourhood/district of Milan: Staying in a hotel or other accommodation around the Sempione district and also the Milano Domodossola Station, north of inner Milan's largest park, the Parco Sempione, can be a good choice. It is a lively area with a great number of good restaurants, often used as a district for evening leisure, and there can be leafy avenues to be had. read more 

milan tree-lined tram tracks sempione via cenisio* * * *weird roof of Milan's MiCo convention centre adjacent to Fieramilanocity in Fiera district

6. Fiera / Lotto area: Staying in the Fiera west area between the Fieramilanocity trade fair grounds and the large Piazzale Lotto can be a popular choice due to the trade fairs, exhibitions and conventions at the Fieramilanocity site with Europe's largest convention centre at the MiCo facility, and quick access to the nearby San Siro Stadium, one of Europe's most famous arenas of football. read more 

7. Just west of centre, around Via Marghera, De Angeli, Wagner and Piemonte: ... the many busy cross-streets and intersections, make much of the area relatively busy and lively with many shops and restaurants... in contrast to other areas in Milan, almost all the streets are green and leafy... and the heart of the city is less than 20 minutes away by public transport... almost too many popular restaurants nearby to choose from.. read more 

Leafy Via Sanzio with many restaurants, near Piazza Wagner and Via Marghera* * * *Tram 16 cuts across tree-lined Viale Monte Nero, east of Milan, where it crosses Via Bergamo, a lively intersection with several restaurants cafes

8. Along the traditional way to the San Siro Stadium on Tram 16, from Milan's southeast across to its northwest terminal: Interesting places to stay along the Tram 16 route to the San Siro Stadium, one of Europe's holiest cathedrals to football... read more 

9. Milan's Outer West is also connected to the San Siro Stadium by four bus routes: These outer suburbs are mostly residential... There are no high concentrations of shops or restaurants, but we point you to the best spots... it is probably wise to find your apartment or accommodation either near the Tram 14 line in the south; or near the Metro's fork of the M1 line that runs... straight through the middle of this western area; or finally near the three end stations of the new M5 Metro line (or Tram 16 that runs almost on the same streets)... but four bus routes thread through this area, all running past the San Siro Stadium. read more 

Milan bus 49 passing San Siro Stadium* * * *Milan, Bicocca on M5 Metro Line, University of Milano-Bicocca, aerial view of the Piazza della Trivulziana commercial centre there

10. North along the lilac M5 Metro Line 5: Milan's newest metro line has opened up new accommodation options north of the External Ring Roadread more 

(SEE the corresponding numbered blue stars in the interactive map below.)


Interactive Milanfinally Google Map of landmarks and accommodation neighbourhoods / districts / areas / quartieri for your hotel, hostel, apartment and b&b in Milan (plus tourist attractions and all Mercato Comunale, municipal food markets). Feel free to click, drag and zoom in and out to explore. For the full page map, click on the following: [ ]. Neighbourhoods/districts with pages in are marked with a "light blue star": 1) Sforza Castle and 1) Largo Cairoli, 2) Porta Garibaldi Station, 3&4) Milano Centrale Railway Station, 5) Corso Sempione, 6) Fiera Milano City and 6) Piazzale Lotto 7) Via Marghera, 8) Tram 16 western terminal at San Siro Stadium, 8) Tram 16 eastern terminal next to Ortomercato, 9) Bisceglie M1 Station - western terminus of red M1 Metro that runs through the middle of Milan's Outer West, 10) Bignami M5 Station - newest Metro line M5 opens up new accommodation options north of Milan's External Ring Road 

11. Rings around Milan - ancient walls and modern ring roads around Milan

Feel free to click and drag around inside this interactive map of all the Ring Roads of Milan. You can also go to the larger original Milanfinally Google Map of the Ring Roads of Milan, ancient walls & modern routes (Circonvallazioni di Milano).

12. Ring of National Bypass Motorways (Tangenziali): Locations in Milan are often referred to in relation to the various ring roads that encircle the almost perfectly circular Milan city.Let us begin with the most modern and outermost one... the system of "Tangenziale" around Milan, which are national-level bypass motorways around Milan. The system consists of... read more 

roadworks still in progress to complete Tangenzailae A52 along SP 46 and SP 33 which will join together the entire Ring of National Bypass Motorways around the outside of Milan* * * *the Beruto Plan, Milan's first city plan - an old paper edition - showing the route for Milan's External Ring Road

13. External Ring Road of Milan, from the "Beruto Plan": The Tangenziale ring road (made up of National Bypass Motorways) is not to be confused with the "Circonvallazione esterna" external ring road of Milan which is found 3-5 km further in. This "relatively" new external ring road was in fact joined together as part of the 1884 "Beruto Plan", Milan's first city plan. read more 

14. Inner Ring Road, the "Cerchia dei Bastioni" of the 16th century Spanish Walls: ... the "Circonvallazione interna" inner ring road. This circular route of roads mostly follows Milan's old Cerchia dei Bastioni (Circle of Bastions) along the old "Spanish Walls"... This inner area largely corresponds with the new Area C in Milan used to levy a congestion charge on traffic. read more 

gates of Milan's old Spanish Walls - the Inner Ring Road now travels along this old Cerchia dei Bastioni* * * *Medieval map of Milan from the Vatican Library, drawn in 1472, shows the walled Milan as very round and circular

15. Circle of Canals (Cerchia dei Navigli) encircling Milan's "Centro Storico" along its previous Medieval Walls: The "Cerchia dei Navigli" (circle of canals)... is important for encircling the historical centre of Milan known as the "Centro Storico"... the moat or moats around the Medieval Walls were later turned into canals. It was these walls that caused the 13th century Bonvesin da la Riva to remark about the perfection of the city's roundness. read more 

16. Lost Path of the Roman Walls of Milan: ... a smaller and more ancient circle... This of course marks the Roman Walls around Mediolanum - the city's name during Roman times. Some roads here and there still trace the path of these walls, and a handful of towers and some wall ruins remain. read more 

map of Mura Milano, the Milan wall, in Roman Milan


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