Champions League Final in Milan May 2016 - betting odds this November for the football teams to beat. Which team will make it?

The UEFA Champions League Final is scheduled for Saturday 28 May 2016 at Milan's legendary San Siro Stadium.

Which are the two teams favoured to meet there on that date? (Also... read the next Champions League article: "Road to Milan leads to... Madrid vs Madrid! Wrong city? Betting odds who will win".)

champions league final 2016 in Milan San Siro Stadium
San Siro Stadium - venue to the 2016 Champions League Final in Milan, Italy. Image Credit:

If we look at the betting odds on the most popular online sports betting websites, last year's winners, Barcelona, are only the 2nd most fancied; while European darlings, Real Madrid, who, true to form with a record not beaten by others, have reached the semi-finals five years running (last winning the Final just two years ago in 2014), are 3rd place just behind Barcelona in the odds - reflecting their relative positions on the La Liga table.

It is Bayern Munich that is most favoured to win the competition. Although Bayern were runners up in 2010, they were stopped short of the quarter-finals the next year, but have appeared in the semi-finals for four years running since 2012, runners-up once more in 2012, and the Final winners in 2013. They are, as expected, presently leading the Bundesliga, 5 points clear of next placed Borussia Dortmund. Bayern Munich has been helped along its way by the consistent performance of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who has been top goal scorer for Bundesliga leaders four years running since his days with Bundesliga 2011-12 champions Borussia Dortmund, and continuing with Bayern Munich after that.

All the betting companies have Manchester City and Paris St Germain (PSG) equally placed after the leading bunch; and many have Chelsea (despite their dismal Premier League performance so far this year) and Atletico Madrid equal after that. (If you are punting on Chelsea, PaddyPower likes Chelsea's chances best, so  their odds aren't great - Ladbrokes fancies them least, so have the best prices for Chelsea.)

The rest of the field is filled with Manchester United and Juventus, with Arsenal quite far off in the odds rounding off the top ten places.

Table of odds from:
Bet365 -- | -- William Hill -- | -- PaddyPower -- | -- Ladbrokes -- | -- Betfair
table of betting odds for winning team of the Champions League Final 2016
Odds for the outright winner of the Champions League Final 2016 from the leading betting companies (as of 21 Nov 2015). Click the image to enlarge, or you can go to the original table of Champions League betting odds where the columns can be clicked to sort in order.
Ladbrokes is the only company with a different top ten ranking, placing Chelsea (9th) below Juventus (perhaps rightly so, given that they are presently only two spots above the relegation zone on the Premier League), and deeming Arsenal only worthy of 15th spot at 66/1 (and Arsenal is presently equal leader on the Premier League table with Manchester City!). Ladbrokes fancies Porto, giving this Portuguese team its 10th spot at 28/1, which places it equal to what Bet365 and Betfair have for Juventus.

In Nov 2015, the top teams favoured to win the Champions League Final 2016 were Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid; further back and equally ranked were Manchester City and PSG.

What do you think of these odds? (Leave a comment!)

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