Milano Porta Garibaldi: get a room in a hotel or apartment near Milan's 2nd most important transport centre and enjoy the shops, restaurants, bars & clubs of famous Corso Como.

milano porta garibaldi station with skyscrapers of the Porta Nuova new business district behind
Milano Porta Garibaldi Station with the Porta Nuova new business district in the background. Image Credit:
Staying around the Porta Garibaldi area can be a good choice. It has long been a centre of transport (Milan's second most important transportation hub after Milano Centrale), international exhibitions and conferences at the new Fieramilano grounds in the suburb of Rho are directly accessible (site of the World Expo 2015), and the only Metro access to the football Mecca of the San Siro Stadium was finally opened with a connection to Porta Garibaldi just in 2015. The local area has always been densely settled, with a high concentration of restaurants, bars, cafes etc.; and due to its importance, right at its doorstep is Milan's now famous Corso Como, a short pedestrianized street, lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and very famous nightclubs/discotheques, that has been named "Milan's night life frontrunner" (see a short article and photos at

(This Google Streetview is of the northern end of Milan's leisure hot-spot, the attractive Corso Como. Just out of view, if you click and drag just to the left, is a pathway to the circular, modernistic and much photographed Piazza Gae Aulenti, the site of Italy's tallest skyscraper, Unicredit Tower, with its tall piercing spire - part of the Porta Nuova Project redevelopment to the northeast of this Porta Garibaldi area. Porta Garibaldi railway and Metro stations are just a stone's throw away north of this spot. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

The Porta Garibaldi railway station is Milan's second most important train station after Milano Centrale, and is the most important one for suburban commuter traffic, with 9 out of the 12 suburban "S" lines having Porta Garibaldi as their focus (with a handful of international and national inter-city train services). It is now also a Metro interchange station for Metro lines M2 - coming from the northeast and heading south of the city - as well as the newly expanded M5 which comes from the north, then goes westward through the Sempione and Feria areas, terminating west of the city at the legendary arena of football, San Siro Stadium.

Very importantly, Porta Garibaldi is one of the stations that can be reached directly from Milan's main Malpensa Airport using the Malpensa Express rail service. And according to the system, direct trains connect Milano Porta Garibaldi with 4 out of the other 5 big cities of Italy (Turin, Florence,
Rome and even Naples - except for Venice), and Bologna is included in the direct services - but of course at lower frequencies to those available from Milano Centrale. Furthermore, frequent high-speed TGV trains from France (from Paris via Lyon, Turin etc.) terminate at Porta Garibaldi without going to Milano Centrale.

The area between Milano Centrale Station, running southwest from Milano Centrale and spreading westward until touching Porta Garibaldi Station, has been a bureaucratic stop-and-start city developer's "work-in-progress" since as long ago as the 1950's! (Centro Direzionale di Milano) The latest official call-to-action was made in the ambitious and currently implemented "Porta Nuova Project" from 2004. As a result, this new 2004 Porta Nuova Project area (note that this is not really the same as the adjoining and pre-existing Porta Nuova quarter), and the remainder of the earlier Centro Direzionale area has become an architecture-lover's wonderland, with many recent towering developments coming online continuously since 2010. It is Milan's new central business district - but still relatively raw compared to other developed areas of the city.

With a great number of people coming from all the different suburban commuter rail lines, and now a major Metro interchange, the area adjacent to Porta Garibaldi Station is busy with shops, restaurants, bars and amenities, and also quite a number of accommodation options; but with - as has already been mentioned - the fairly new, less mature and less densely developed areas immediately to the east and running northeast towards Milano Centrale, most of this busy commercial area is on the other side: Porta Garibaldi Station's southwest side.

milan porta garibaldi corso como isola interactive google map best areas for hotels, apartments, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, markets & shopping
Milan's short but famous shopping & entertainment street of Corso Como leads southwest from Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station with Garibaldi Metro Station underneath. There are many popular and well-rated restaurants in the area southwest of the station marked in purple and red,  and a small collection north of the station along and around Via Borsieri north of the station all the way up to Piazzale Segrino in the Isola district.  Orange pins mark some supermarkets and shops, with Isola's permanent food market at Piazzale Lagosta in yellow. You can go to the original interactive Milanfinally Map of Milan.

Of course there are a few hotel and other accommodation options that gather towards the entrance to the train and metro stations, and these also benefit from being close to Milan's short but famous Corso Como for shopping, restaurants and bars.

West of Porta Garibaldi Station, around Via Farini

Accommodation options also occur towards Via Farini (west of Porta Garibaldi) that runs north-south across the railway tracks. This area also does not suffer a lack of shops and good restaurants, and the benefit here is the tram track (Tram 2 & Tram 4) that runs down Via Farini while also not being far from the Tram 33 line that leaves Via Farini and follows the train tracks passing by Porta Garibaldi Station. (SEE further below for a discussion on Trams 2, 4 and 33.)

(This Google Streetview is taken at Piazzale Baiamonti along Via Farini in the western part of the Porta Garibaldi area, which continues north straight ahead, with Via Ceresio forking slightly towards the left heading towards the Cimitero Monumentale. It shows some pockets of green which is relatively rare in this area. There are some accommodation options on this stretch of Via Farini, as well as generally north between here and the rail tracks of Porta Garibaldi Station. There is also a number of good popular restaurants nearby, which you can see on the interactive Milanfinally Map of Milan, and a very hand supermarket, of the Punto Simply chain, right here on this piazza if you drag and pan just a little to the right. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

South of Viale Crispi

Even the accommodation beyond Viale Crispi (part of the main inner ring road where the historical gate of Porta Garibaldi sits), further away from the transport convenience of Porta Garibaldi Station, towards Via della Moscova (and the eponymous Moscova M2 Metro Station), are well served by many good restaurants that radiate out from Via Solferino, and also along the three streets that radiate out from Largo La Foppa.

(This is the Google Streetview, just south of Porta Garibaldi Station, along Viale Crispi, with Corso Garibaldi to the right. If you drag and pan the view to the left, you will see the actual monumental arched gate of Porta Garibaldi rebuilt in 1825, previously part of the 16th century Spanish Walls - the famous Corso Como starts just beyond that city gate. Corso Garibaldi eventually cuts across Via della Moscova at Largo La Foppa and the the Moscova M2 Metro Station. There are many good restaurants that radiate out from Largo La Foppa back towards Porta Garibaldi - which you can see picked out on the Milanfinally Map of Milan - including along Corso Garibaldi itself. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

East of Porta Garibaldi Station - Varesine quarter 

Although less dense with shops and restaurants, the Varesine local neighbourhood (adjacent to the more sterile city redevelopments towards the northeast) just north of the old Napoleonic Porta Nuova gates, has a few accommodation options and a number of good restaurants; and Tram 33 continues on from the Porta Garibaldi trains station through this neighbourhood, and it eventually passes by the Giardini Pubblici and Corso Buenos Aires on its way to the northeast of the city. (SEE further below for a discussion on Tram 33.)

(This is the Google Streetview in the Varesine quarter, southeast of Porta Garibaldi Station, where you can see the historical gate of Porta Nuova in the background, while in the foreground is the popular Petit "sophisticated bistro". Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

North side of the train tracks - to Porta Garibaldi Station along Via Borsieri in Isola

If you do not mind staying on the "wrong" side of the tracks, on the Isola side, Via Borsieri is the busy main access to Porta Garibaldi Station, and there are quite a number of good popular restaurants (but not many around the M5 Isola Metro Station area) all the way to where Via Borsieri meets Piazzale Segrino - especially if you include the short Via Garigliano that forks out, and also around the intersection of Via Borsieri and Tram Line 33 running along Via Lambertenghi. Isola is an old working class area that is now newly gentrified. There are no major hotels in this immediate vicinity, but you could book an apartment or B&B in the area.

Good hotel rates in this area (taxes & fees already included!):
4-star NH Milano Palazzo Moscova, €171 - with extremely high 4.5/5 Tripadvisor review rating
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

How well connected is this area to Milan's city transport system?
Transport Connections:

Focus of Milan "S" commuter train network

Needless to say, Porta Garibaldi is the focus of Milan's suburban commuter "S" network (the so called "Passante" section of the network - and so, it  has direct access to the Expo grounds at the northwestern station of Rho Fiera), with 9 of the 12 "S" lines passing through Porta Garibaldi (S1 & S2, S5 & S6, S11, S13 & S14; while S7 & S8 use Porta Garibaldi as their terminus). Tens of thousands each day use Porta Garibaldi Station in this way.

As mentioned before, Porta Garibaldi is also one of the stations that can be reached directly from Milan's main Malpensa Airport using the Malpensa Express rail service.

porta garibaldi is the focus of the milan S network, and a Metro interchange station for the green M2 and lilac M5 lines
Click on the image to enlarge; or get the full original image of the Milan suburban "S" network plus the Metro network at

Garibaldi FS is also an interchange station on Milan's Metro system for lines M2 (green) and M5 (lilac).

Lilac M5 Metro Line

On the M5 line heading west (only possible since 2015), the M5 passes through the Sempione area (M5 stations of Cenisio and Domodossola) and the Feria area (M5 stations of Portello and Lotto), with an interchange with the northwest fork of the M1 (red) Metro line at Lotto; before terminating at San Siro Stadium. The stops on the M5 north of Garibaldi FS Metro Station are Isola, Zara and five others (including Biccoca) before terminating at Bignami. (SEE the detailed article on the lilac M5 Metro Line.)

Green M2 Metro Line

The M2 Metro line (green) is a very long line leading far to the south, past the Metro station of Moscova, and then stations along the northwest periphery of the ancient Circle of Navigli that surrounds the centre of Old Milan: Lanza, the busy spot of Cadorna (interchange with Metro M1), and then the historical Sant'Ambrogio. It then moves away from this circle and heads to an important station for access to the Navigli area, Porta Genova Station (after Sant'Agostino Station), and continues on to its terminus in the far south at Assago Milanofiori Forum, which gets its name from the place Assago Milanofiori, and the indoor stadium nearby, Mediolanum Forum, which holds important games for basketball etc.

Along the M2 in the opposite direction starting from Porta Garibaldi and heading east, important stops include:
- underground station of Centrale FS (interchange with M3 yellow) directly in front of Milan's most important train station Milano Centrale,
- Loreto Metro interchange station (the second time M2 intersects with M1 red) - the Piazzale Loreto is at the northern end of the very long and famous shopping strip of Corso Buenos Aires,
- Piola Metro M2 Station at the Piazzale Piola, the only Metro stop that serves the important Citta Studi quarter, so named because of the presence of the Politecnico di Milano and many of the newer branches of the University of Milan,
- M2 Lambrate FS Metro Station under the Milano Lambrate railway station (which also serves as a station for the S9 suburban commuter line), which is also the focus for other transport lines, such as Tram 23 and Tram 33,
- line M2 then continues on its long journey to the northeastern suburbs: Cologno Monzese, and its furthest northeastern point, Gessate.
(SEE the detailed article on the green M2 Metro Line.)

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Click on the picture to expand, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro.

Despite being a crossroads of rail and Metro networks, Porta Garibaldi does not have a wealth of tram lines crossing its territory.

Tram 2 & Tram 4

The most important is probably Tram 2, which comes from the north and runs across the railway tracks along Via Farini just west of Porto Garibaldi Station, and then cuts through the centre of Old Milan heading to Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, and then southwest to Porta Genova and the Naviglio Grande. (Tram 4 runs on the same tracks as Tram 2, but curls around to terminate at Piazza Castello without going deeper into the old town, nor to the Cathedral.)

Milan Tram 2 interactive Google route map from Porta Garibaldi to Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo to Navigli district Porta Genova Station then Naviglio Grande. Tram 4 terminates at Piazza Castello Sforza Castle.
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 2 that cuts across the tracks near Porta Garibaldi Station, heads due south to the town centre, Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, then southwest to the Navigli district of Porta Genova Station and along the Naviglio Grande. The last southern section of the Tram 4 route is identical south of Viale Stelvio in Isola, except it soon terminates downtown at Piazza Castello, the site of Milan's Sforza castle. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

Tram 33

Tram 33 serves the Citta Studi quarter (so named because of the presence of the Politecnico di Milano and many of the newer branches of the University of Milan) on the eastern side of Milan from Porta Garibaldi.

Milan Tram 33 interactive Google route map from Isola to Porta Garibaldii Station, Piazza della Repubblica, Giardini Pubblici, Porta Venezia district, Citta Studi, terminating near Lambrate Station
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 33, shown in blue, which starts from the Isola district, then hops across the tracks to Porta Garibaldi Station, then proceeds past Piazza della Repubblica, Giardini Pubblici, Porta Venezia district, then heads northeast through the Citta Studi district and terminating near Lambrate Station. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

It starts at Piazzale Lagosta in the Isola quarter not far away on the other (north) side of the rail tracks. It then cuts through part of Isola to join Trams 2 and 4 in crossing over the rail tracks just west of Porta Garibaldi Station; but then as soon as it crosses the tracks, it leaves the other trams and turns left to follow those railway tracks to the station area itself. If you ever wanted to visit the increasingly popular Isola quarter, an old working class area now newly gentrified and known for its hip street art, with its share of good restaurants and cafes, then catching Tram 33 back to Isola could be an easy way to get there if you were too lazy to walk across to Isola yourself.

After Porta Garibaldi Station, Tram 33 then starts heading for Citta Studi in a southeasterly direction going past places such as:

- the large Piazza della Republica with its Republica M3 Metro Station,

- Giardini Pubblici (a large park and Milan's oldest),

- going along Via Tunisia which crosses the southern end of Milan's longest shopping boulevard, the Corso Buenos Aires (contender for longest shopping street in the world), here entering the lively Porta Venezia area. (It is easy to transfer to the Porta Venezia M1 Metro Station at this intersection; however, the M2 Garibaldi FS Metro Station will probably give you faster access to the M1 red line.)

- entering Citta Studi at the external ring road intersection of Piazza Ascoli, and cutting diagonally northeast through the Citta Studi quarter. This tram line here (shared with Tram 23) is the only tram line that serves the centre of Citta Studi (while the Metro network serves the centre of Citta Studi with the sole station of M2 Piola).

- Tram 33 then passes within a 10 minute walk of Lambrate railway and Metro stations, before travelling under the railway tracks to its terminus at the leafy and circular Piazza Rimambranze di Lambrate. The local area around here is known for venues and firms for contemporary art and cutting edge design:

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