Tram 16 direct to the San Siro Stadium, passing the Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo through the centre of Milan - the traditional way to reach the stadium.

Stay in a hotel or room along the Tram 16 route for direct transport to one of Europe's holiest cathedrals to football: the San Siro Stadium. Where are some good places to stay along this route?

(N.B. Most of the places mentioned below are marked on the interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan.)

Line 16 Tram at San Siro Stadium Milan
Tram16  at its terminus beside the massive San Siro Stadium  - photo by an Italian tram fanatic
Surely the most convenient way now to get to the San Siro Stadium is to take the Metro Line 5 (lilac) to its terminating station at the San Siro Stadium itself - a very new line that just reached the San Siro in 2015 (so this part of the network is often not yet included in older maps of the Milan Metro).

The old way was to catch the Line 16 Tram, painted bright orange, that also terminates at the San Siro Stadium. Let's look at this old way first.

Line 16 Tram route Google Map to San Siro Stadium Milan
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 16 route to the San Siro Stadium. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

Tram 16 Summary

Tram 16 actually starts far far away in the diagonally opposite southeast extremity of central Milan (opposite to San Siro's northwest position), then enters the very heart of Milan, passing Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) on the Piazza del Duomo.

After heading northwest for a short stretch from the Piazza del Duomo, Tram 16 then heads horizontally straight towards the west along Via Meravigli and the important thoroughfares of Corso Magenta and then Corso Vercelli. When Corso Vercelli ends at its western end at a large intersection where roads radiate out from Piazza Piemonte, Tram 16 makes a jink and eventually heads along a diagonal route that points straight to the northwest, cutting a bold diagonal path that slashes across Piazzale Brescia which is part of the external ring road that circles Milan.

Once Tram 16 hits Piazzale Segesta, the San Siro Stadium is less than 1 km away directly west along the large tree-lined avenue that goes past the stadium. The entire trip from end to end should take just over an hour - Google says exactly 58 minutes. The terminus of Tram 16 at the San Siro Stadium has capacity for many waiting trams.

Tram 16 route details and interesting places to stay

the Ortomercato in Milan is Italy's biggest wholesale market for fruit, vegetables and fish - swordfish are displayed
Swordfish at the Milan Ortomercato. Image Credit: Sogemi
The southeast terminus of Tram 16 is actually alongside the mammoth Ortomercato - Italy's largest wholesale fruit and vegetable, as well as fish market (SEE the article on Milan's Mercato Comunale permanent markets for an interactive map, opening times and more details). The section of main road, the Viale Monte Nero (which forms part of the inner ring road), running away to the northeast from where Line 16 (running on Via Bergamo) intersects with it (all within the Porto Vittoria quarter), all the way to the important Piazza Cinque Giornate intersection, has quite a concentration and mixture of restaurants - this includes the Hop bar for local craft beers (Viale Regina Margherita 16 - SEE the Milanfinally Google Map of Milan to see this area marked).

Restaurants at a lively intersection along the green tree-lined avenue of Viale Monte Nero, corner with Via Bergamo where Tram 16 cuts across, just around 500m further down south from the busy Piazza Cinque Giornate (centre for the Porta Vittoria disctrict). Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.

Good hotel rates found here in the outer parts of Porta Vittoria district
(taxes & fees already included!):
3-star Hotel Mec, €60
3-star Hotel Molise 2, €92 - with high 4/5 Tripadvisor review rating
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

Good hotel rates found here just within the busy edge of Milan's historical centre near Piazza San Nazaro (taxes & fees already included!):
4-star Hotel Romana Residence, €98
3-star Canada Hotel, €129 - with extremely high 4.5/5 Tripadvisor review rating
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

Of course when we reach the centre, there are plenty of accommodation options all around Milan Cathedral's Piazza del Duomo.

tram going past Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo
Milan tram passing the Cathedral at Piazza del Duomo - the heart of the city (Image Credit:  Roberto Vanzetto)

A little further to the northeast of the Duomo, there is also a cluster of hotels around the Largo Cairoli traffic circle that leads to central Milan's large 15th century Sforza Castle at the Piazza Castello and the Parco Sempione grounds that continue northwest from the castle, the largest park in central Milan. Largo Cairoli is a stone's throw from Via Meravigli and Corso Magenta along which Tram 16 runs. (SEE the more detailed article about options for the Largo Cairoli and Castello area.)

Castello Milano Sforza Castle from Via Dante, with Largo Cairoli and Garibaldi statue
Sforza Castle, photo taken from the main street leading there, the pedestrianized Via Dante. The statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the great 19th century unifiers of Italy, is in the middle of the Largo Cairoli traffic circle, under which there is the Cairoli M1 Metro Station. Image Credit: Michael Li at
Corso Magenta is an interesting, old and important thoroughfare (which some have nominated as their favourite Milan street); and it is used to access Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" at Santa Maria della Grazie. Corso Vercelli, which continues on from Corso Magenta, is not amongst the top famous shopping streets of Milan, but it is popular, and the shopping continues on Via Belfiore known for its specialist shoe stores, and there is also some interesting shopping activity on Vercelli's parallel street of Via Rasori; and then we also have the Mercato Comunale Wagner at the Piazza Wagner end of Via Belfiore (said by one commentator to be the market in Milan which is "the best outlet for gourmet food" - SEE the special Milanfinally Google Map of Food Markets & Shopping).

Milan's Mercato Comunale Wagner at Piazza Wagner with Wagner M1 Metro Station below - oldest and largest permanent food market
Image of a Google Streetview of Mercato Comunale Wagner, said to be the oldest and largest remaining permanent market in Milan, which occupies the centre of Piazza Wagner, here at the intersection of Via Marghera and Via Buonarroti. Wagner Metro Station on the western fork of the red M1 line is directly under the ground at this viewpoint. You can also go to the original interactive streetview on Google Maps.
Because of all the busy cross-streets and intersections, the entire stretch of Via Marghera (which is where Corso Vercelli ends up) - from Piazza Wagner, to the intersection of Piazza Piemonte with Via Marghera, and onwards along Via Marghera to Piazza De Angeli - is relatively busy and lively with many shops and restaurants to choose from.

There are accommodation options strung along the Corso Magenta, and also generally around the Piazza Piemonte and Piazza Wagner areas. (SEE the more detailed article on the area surrounding Piazza Piemonte, Wagner, Via Marghera and De Angeli, and about the streets and restaurants there.)

Leafy Via Sanzio with many restaurants, near Piazza Wagner and Via Marghera
Image from a Google Streetview of leafy Via Sanzio lined with restaurants, near Buonarroti M1 Metro Station, and not far from Piazza Wagner and Via Marghera. There are so many restaurants in this relaxing yet buzzing district - the best-rated and most popular on Tripadvisor are shown on the Milanfinally Google Map of Milan. The Baobab Burger Organico here in the foreground is one highly-rated restaurant shown on the Milanfinally map, and there are two more on this street, and some more around the corner. You can also go to the original interactive streetview on Google Maps.

Once Tram 16 leaves the Via Marghera area, there is not too much to speak about, other than very small clusters of mixed restaurants and shops running in easterly directions along two side streets coming off Via Carlo Dulci:
1) a small section of Via Ricciarelli; and then further north along Via Carlo Dulci,
2) a not much longer stretch of Via Vodice (SEE the Milanfinally Google Map).
About 500m away to the west is a small small permanent community market at Piazzale Selinunte (SEE details and a map in the big list of Milan Mercato Comunale markets.)

There are some accommodation options around the nearby section of the external ring road, Via Murillo (which is the road that Via Carlo Dolci branches off from) - these accommodations often serve the trade for the Fiera Milano exhibition halls and the MiCo Milan convention centre a little to the east of here. (SEE the more detailed article on the Fiera / Lotto area of Milan.)

The district closely surrounding the San Siro Stadium is definitely not at all busy or commercial.

So if you want to stay directly on the Tram 16 route, then those are your options that I have written here in this article.

For more details and hotels on the following areas along the Tram 16 route, click to see the full articles:

- Fiera / Lotto area next to San Siro district

Just west of centre, around Via Marghera, De Angeli, Wagner and Piemonte

Milan's Castello (Sforza Castle) and Largo Cairoli as an alternative to the central Piazza del Duomo of Milan Cathedral

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