Get a room just west of the centre of Milan at the end of Corso Vercelli, around Piazza Piemonte, Via Marghera, Piazza Wagner and Piazza De Angeli - and enjoy green leafy streets and a Milanese lifestyle buzzing with shops, restaurants and cafes.

Although this area is served only by one tram line (Tram 16), and only one Metro line, the red M1 line (M1 divides into two forks here, going northwest to Buonnarroti, and southwest to Wagner and then De Angeli); the complicated way that the busy Corso Vercelli merges with Via Marghera to take traffic further west, means that there are many busy cross-streets and intersections, making much of the area relatively busy and lively with many shops and restaurants to choose from.

Leafy Via Sanzio with many restaurants, near Piazza Wagner and Via Marghera
Image from a Google Streetview of leafy Via Sanzio lined with restaurants, near Buonarroti M1 Metro Station, and not far from Piazza Wagner and Via Marghera. There are so many restaurants in this relaxing yet buzzing district - the best-rated and most popular on Tripadvisor are shown on the Milanfinally Google Map of Milan. The Baobab Burger Organico here in the foreground is one highly-rated restaurant shown on the Milanfinally map, and there are two more on this street, and some more around the corner. You can also go to the original interactive streetview on Google Maps.

The area is relatively bustling, but luckily, in contrast to other areas in Milan, almost all the streets are green and leafy, making the side streets peaceful and yet with life flowing through them and to busier main streets nearby. With all this activity, it is little surprise that a number of hotels orbit around the sun-like Piazza Piemonte (however, most of the best restaurants found and shown on the Milanfinally Google Map are north of Via Marghera). There are few historical tourist attractions within this area itself, but those are only a few minutes away by public transport (less than 20 minutes or so says Google Transit). The attraction of this district is the lifestyle, which even Milanese would envy.

There are almost too many popular restaurants nearby to choose from (SEE the Milanfinally Google Map below), some of them with very high ratings. Corso Vercelli, just to the east, is an increasingly popular shopping street with a stylish upmarket Coin department store; and the shopping continues closer by on Via Belfiore known for its specialist shoe stores. The middle of Piazza Wagner is occupied by the Mercato Comunale Wagner, said to be the oldest and largest one remaining, and is reputed, according to one commentator, to be the market in Milan which is "the best outlet for gourmet food" (SEE more in the biggest list with maps of Milan's Mercato Comunale markets).

map of restaurants around Via Marghera, De Angeli, Wagner, Piazza Piemonte and Corso Vercelli - the top most popular and best-rated restaurants on Tripadvisor - plus shopping opportunities here
There is an abundance of restaurants in this area to choose from. Only the top most popular and best-rated restaurants on Tripadvisor are shown on this Milanfinally map (in purple - with the best in red). The Mercato Comunale in Piazza Wagner is marked in yellow; and department stores, supermarkets and other shopping opportunities are marked in orange. Click on the map to enlarge; or you can go to the original interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan.

map of transport connections offered by Tram 16 and the red M1 Metro Line around Via Marghera, De Angeli, Wagner, Piazza Piemonte and Corso Vercelli
Click the map to enlarge. Here is the area radiating out from the semi-circular Piazza Piemonte up to Buonarroti Metro Station in the northwest fork of the red M1 Metro line (which eventually leads to Rho Fiera, the new grounds of Fiera Milano and site of World Expo 2015), and the busy Via Marghera axis from the Wagner Metro Station to the De Angeli Metro Station. The Tram 16 track is marked in blue (heading northwest towards its terminus at San Siro Stadium). (You can also view the original interactive Google Map of this area.)

Transport Connections:

Both Tram 16 and the M1 Metro line will take passengers east into the heart of the city (Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, after passing by Santa Maria della Grazie, site of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper"). In the opposite direction, Tram 16 can take visitors to the focus of many football pilgrimages, the San Siro Stadium which is the terminus for Tram 16 (SEE the detailed article about the route and places for hotel stays for the San Siro Stadium Tram 16); while the northwest fork of the red M1 Metro line has been built to go all the way to the newest and largest Fiera Milano trade fair grounds at Rho Fiera, site of the World Expo 2015 in Milan. (SEE the detailed article for Milan's "Shopping Line" - the red M1 Metro.)

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