Try hotels near Milan's Castello and around Largo Cairoli instead of around the Piazza del Duomo Cathedral.

Get a room near Milan's Castello as an alternative to staying around the Piazza del Duomo Cathedral.

Milan Cathedral, sometimes referred to simply a Il Duomo, is located at the heart of Milan and has been at its heart for the centuries that it has stood there. The various historical attractions of Milan are all located not far from the Cathedral. Needless to day, there are numerous hotels and other accommodation options ringed around the Piazza del Duomo.

However, there is also a collection of accommodation options that cluster around the Castello area of old Milan - the large imposing castle looking upon old Milan from its northwest side that used to be home to the rulers of Milan - or more specifically, cluster around the Largo Cairoli traffic circle near the front entrance of Sforza Castle; especially at the intersection of Via San Tomaso and Via Rovello.

Castello Milano Sforza Castle from Via Dante, with Largo Cairoli and Garibaldi statue
Sforza Castle, photo taken from the main street leading there, the pedestrianized Via Dante. The statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the great 19th century unifiers of Italy, is in the middle of the Largo Cairoli traffic circle, under which there is the Cairoli M1 Metro Station. Image Credit: Michael Li at

Many of the historical attractions are still close by, and Milan Cathedral itself is less than 500m away, and the expansive greenery of central Milan's largest park that used to be the grounds of the castle, Parco Sempione, is just as near.

Google Streetview: Here in one of the narrow streets (Via Rovello) near Largo Cairoli and Milan's iconic Sforza Castle, is the popular and well-rated Ristorante Andry (more details in the Milanfinally Google Map of Milan below) in the foreground right, with two hotels in the background, and more in the immediate vicinity - an alternative to focusing on the Piazza del Duomo for accommodation. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.

Being downtown, the Milanfinally Google Map shows there is no shortage of popular restaurant options in and nearby this area.
The only challenge perhaps, like the rest of Milan's downtown area, is finding an inexpensive option.

map of restaurants around Cairoli in Milan, the top most popular restaurants with the best Tripadvisor ratings
Many restaurants in purple (selected from the most popular and best-rated on Tripadvisor), around Largo Cairoli with its M1 Metro Station. Il Duomo, Milan Cathedral, is in the bottom right corner. Tourist sights in pink, and a local supermarket is marked in orange. Click the map to enlarge, or go to the original interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan.

Good hotel rates in this area (taxes & fees already included!): 
3-star Hotel Giulio Cesare, €93 
4-star UNA Hotel Cusani, €179 
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

How well connected is this area to Milan's city transport system? Transport Connections:

Largo Cairoli lies not far between the transport hubs of Piazza del Duomo (a little southeast of Cairoli) and Cadorna Station (a little to the west of Cairoli) - in both cases, it can be less than 500m away (with Cadorna slightly closer).

map of central downtown Milan showing the red M1 Metro line connecting Duomo, Cordusio, Cairoli and Cadorna; with intersecting lines of yellow M3 through Duomo, and green M2 through Cadorna
Map of the red M1 Metro line going under Largo Cairoli, connecting Duomo-Cordusio-Cairoli-Cadorna (with S3, S4 and airport rail services showing at Cadorna), and showing the intersecting Metro lines of the yellow M3 Metro through Duomo, and the green M2 Metro through Cadorna - the many tram lines are shown in blue. Image Credit: Mappa Centro Milano @

At Milan Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo, the yellow M3 Metro line crosses the red M1 line at the Duomo Metro Station there.

This is not to mention that right below Largo Cairoli itself is the Cairoli Metro Station on the red M1 metro line, which comes just before Cadorna Metro Station; and with the intermediate M1 station of Cordusio at Piazza Cordusio just before reaching the Duomo M1 Metro Station.

Red M1 Metro Line

Milan red M1 Metro line
Image Credit: See also Milan Metro in Wikipedia.

The red M1 Metro Line - which runs from Cairoli, to Cordusio, to Duomo - can take you:

- towards the northeast to San Babila, which has plenty of shopping, and is one corner of Milan's Quadrilatero della Moda (Italy's most famous centre for fashion), and is at the end of the Quadrilatero's most famous shopping street, Via Monte Napoloeone; as well as being where the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II runs to, another famous street packed with shops;

- then all along Milan's longest shopping street, the Corso Buenos Aires (their candidate for the world's longest shopping street), at the Metro stops of Porta Venezia, Lima and Loreto;

- in the opposite direction towards the west, the M1 Metro can take you to Cadorna for interchange with the green M2 Metro line, and northern regional and suburban S1 and S4 rail services, and a terminus for the airport Malpensa Express service;

- then to some stops which you can use to view Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper mural at Santa Maria della Grazie, and for the shopping street of Corso Vercelli;

- then to a fork where you can either go further west, or go all the way to the northwest to Rho-Fiera, the new home of Fiera Milano trade fairs and venue for World Expo 2015.

(SEE the detailed article for Milan's "Shopping Line" - the red M1 Metro.)

Yellow M3 Metro Line

Milan yellow M3 Metro Line
Image Credit: See also Milan Metro in Wikipedia.

The yellow M3 Metro Line can take you:

- towards the north to Montenapoleone at one end of the most famous street of Italy's most famous Quadrilatero della Moda, the Via Monte Napoleone, lined with high-fashion labels;

- Repubblica, under the large Piazza della Repubblica, where interchange can be had with the five suburban rail lines of the Passante system (S1, S2, S5, S6 and S13);

- then to Centrale under the Milano Centrale Railway Station (interchange with the green M2 Metro), Milan's largest gateway for national and international visitors;

- in the opposite direction the M3 Metro takes you southeast to such stations as Porta Romana.

(SEE the detailed article on the line for Porta Romana and direct to Centrale from Duomo - the yellow M3 Metro.)

Cadorna, not far away, is an important terminal station for regional and suburban (S1 & S4) services to the north, including being one terminus for the direct airport Malpensa Express service. The green M2 Metro line also crosses the red M1 line underground at Cadorna Metro Station.

Green M2 Metro Line

Milan green M2 Metro Line
Image Credit: See also Milan Metro in Wikipedia.

The green M2 Metro Line can take you:

- towards the northeast to Garibaldi (interchange with the lilac M5 Metro), under Porta Garibaldi Station that is the focus for almost all of Milan's suburban "S" rail lines, and also hosts a number of national and international rail services; Milan's second most important railway station that also has Milan's famous street for leisure and entertainment, Corso Como, at its doorstep;

- Centrale, under Milano Centrale Railway station (interchange with the yellow M3 Metro), Milan's largest railway station and its most important gateway of all for national and international visitors;

- Loreto, under the very busy Piazzale Loreto which is at the northern end of Milan's longest shopping street, the Corso Buenos Aires (candidate for the world's longest shopping street), and it is the the spot where the M2 interchages with the M1 for a second time after Cadorna;

- in the opposite direction heading south, the M2 Metro can take you to Porta Genova which is the station used to access the popular Navigli entertainment district around the old transport canals of Milan;

- all the way far south to the terminus at Assago Milanofiori Forum, with the important indoor stadium nearby, Mediolanum Forum, which holds basketball matches etc.

(SEE the detailed article for the line that links the important railway stations of Centrale, Garibaldi and Cadorna - the green M2 Metro.)

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Click on the image to enlarge, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro, or go to the interactive Google Map with Milan Metro lines.

Trams, so many!

Another benefit of being in the downtown area is that there is a wealth of tram services to be had, going in every direction into and out of the centre - almost too many to mention. (SEE the detailed article for all the ten different tram lines that pass through Milan's downtown centre.)

With around ten tram lines to choose from, plus the M1 red Metro line, and the M2 green line at Cadorna Metro Station, and also the M3 yellow line at Duomo Metro Station, there will hardly be any place in Milan that is not accessible from this area around the Castello and Largo Cairoli.

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See also for this Milan district: over 300 reviews at an extremely high 4.5/5 review rating for the 4-star   Palazzo Segreti, €221 on Tripadvisor Milan hotels, with map location (incl. taxes & fees, for one night on a June weekend 2016). 
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a) 4-star UNA Hotel Cusani, €179; b) 4-star Palazzo Segreti, €221, with high 4.5/5 Tripadvisor review rating; c) 3-star Hotel Giulio Cesare, €93 (Photos of hotels in good deals mentioned above. Prices are for for one night on a June weekend 2016, and already include taxes & fees.)


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