Milan, around Sempione and the Milano Domodossola Station - stay in a room here for tree-lined streets and a leisurely lifestyle that Milanese seek out for restaurants, cafes and bars.

Staying in a hotel or other accommodation around the Sempione district, north of inner Milan's largest park, the Parco Sempione, can be a good choice. It is a lively area with a great number of good restaurants, often used as a district for evening leisure, and there can be leafy avenues to be had.

milan tree-lined tram tracks sempione via cenisio
Typical tree-lined tram tracks in this area. Image Credit: yveslaurent @

The section of Milan's Metro, newly completed just in 2015 from Zara to San Siro Stadium on the M5 Metro line (coloured lilac), is also the first time that this area is connected to Milan's Metro system.

This then makes areas around here much more convenient than before, such as around the Milan Domodossola Station, along the Corso Sempione of course, and the adjoining Bullona quarter at the northeast tip of Corso Sempione with the short Via Bullona running through its middle; and then the Cenisio quarter also with a new Cenisio M5 Metro Station at the intersection of Via Cenisio and Via Messina.

milan interactive google map of sempione district area best for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping, metro stations
Just about all the Milan places mentioned in this article on the Sempione area can be found on the Milanfinally Google Map. Starting point of Corso Sempione at Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) is marked in blue at the bottom right hand corner, train stations in brown, supermarkets in orange. Just the best-rated and most popular restaurants on Tripadvisor have been chosen and marked in purple and red. Click on the map to enlarge, or you can go to the original interactive Milanfinally Map of Milan.

Via Piero della Francesca

There seems to be a collection of accommodation options that branch out from Sempione's lively local commercial spine of Via Piero della Francesca (that runs somewhat parallel to the major traffic artery of Corso Sempione), bound roughly by Via Biondi in the north down to where the street begins at its junction with the important Via Procaccini slightly less than 1 km to the south.

Take a look at the Milanfinally Google Map above to visualize this area.

The many restaurants of the Sempione area also seem to do the same: clustering and branching along Via Piero della Francesca - these include the fabulously popular and highly rated Osteria delle Corti (Via Giovanni Battista Fauche 11 - a parallel road north of Via Piero della Francesca), with over 600 Tripadvisor reviews; and the amazing Iyo Japanese Restaurant (Via Piero Della Francesca 74, just north of Via Biondi) with even slightly higher ratings and more than 1,000 Tripadvisor reviews!

Via Losanna

Via Losanna is a very pleasant major street lined with trees, with many restaurants, cafes and bars extending out onto the broad pavement. It runs
perpendicular to Via Piero della Francesca, with their intersection about midway along Via della Francesca. (And if you'll be staying for an extended period, you will find the large Esselunga Supermarket on the corner with Via Fauche, as well as two others on the other side of Via Cenisio further north, very convenient for getting your supplies.)

(Above is the Google Streetview Map looking east along the main commercial street, Via Piero della Francesca, from the intersection with Via Losanna. The shopfronts shown are of some local hotels and hostels; and a few buildings further along this road from these hotels, along the left hand side, is the very popular and well-rated restaurant Osteria del Borgo Antico; while in the forefront on the left corner is seafood restaurant Pier 52 with even a slightly higher rating, both marked on the Milanfinally Google Map. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. It is probably a good idea to turn left at this intersection and enjoy the sight of the lively and relaxing tree-lined Via Losanna with its many pavement cafes/restaurants. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

All the other green areas and tree-lined streets around the Sempione district

In fact all the immediate blocks that radiate out from Piazza Caneva and Piazza Diocleziano along Via Cenisio (which is the northern boundary for the area we are considering) are leafy areas - such as Via Biondi, and the top half of Via Fauche, both of which radiate out from Piazza Caneva (this makes the northern tip of this Sempione area have a leafy and quiet residential feel); and also the tree-lined Via San Galdino that comes off Piazza Diocleziano.

Along the southern end of this wedge, Via Procaccini, also an important traffic-carrier for Milan, is another long tree-lined road surrounding this area (in the section from Corso Sempione to Via Lomazzo).

(This is the Google Streetview at a major intersection intersection looking all the way down southeast towards the Arco della Pace [Arch of Peace] along the Corso Sempione, and looking northeast up the section of Via Procaccini that is tree-lined. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps. The first restaurant on the right that has extended out to the pavement is Sciuscia, very popular and well-rated on and noted for their pizzas.)

Via Cenisio which forms the northern boundary of this wedge-like area we are looking at, is a broad boulevard with a tram line running down the middle flanked by two lines of trees - a long strip of cool green with Piazza Caneva and Piazza Diocleziano as green islands along its path.

Corso Sempione, along the western edge of this wedge is an even bigger and more important artery for Milan, so broad that the tramway need not run down the middle but just along its western side, and strips of parkway with large trees run down both sides of the boulevard.

These leafy boulevards form part of the green lungs of Milan.

(This is the Google Streetview at Piazza Diocleziano, looking east down the two closely-planted lines of trees that flank the tram line running down the middle of Via Cenisio. Via San Galdino on the right is yet another leafy street that radiates from Piazza Diocleziano, with the next one behind our view being the lively Via Losanna. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps. In the bottom right of the building straight ahead, you can just see the red signs of Pizzeria Spontini that has shown its popularity on the Web. There are also two supermarkets on the north side of this piazza, which you can see on the Milanfinally Google Map.)

Other nearby islands of green can be found at the large circular Piazza Firenze where Corso Sempione and Via Cenisio meet; and the smaller but reasonably lively Piazzale Chiesa just a little southwest of Piazza Firenze (in fact just about all the streets in this newer area surrounding Piazzale Chiesa, west of Corso Sempione, are green and leafy), and there is also a little bit of parkspace in front of Domodossola Station. Then in the very south to southwest of this area, we have the very green Giardino Bompiani; and not very far away, the cute, lively and also green Piazza Sei Febbraio (which abuts the new development areas of Citylife and Tre Torri).

(This Google Streetview shows the charming little Piazza Sei Febbraio, towards the southwestern end of this Sempione area we are considering. The Giardino Bompiani park is nearby a little to the east, and a couple of blocks to the north are the Domodossola train and metro stations, with a few shops and restaurants around there. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

So, opportunities can be had for some green living around this Sempione area, combined with some concentrations of good restaurants in the area, and a number of convenient shopping opportunities for obtaining some daily necessities.

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How well connected is this area to Milan's city transport system?
Transport Connections:

Tram 1

Probably the single most convenient form of transportation in this area is Tram 1 that ends up near Milano Centrale Station, connecting Sempione to the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace), Cadorna Station (an important Metro interchange station for lines M1 & M2, as well as a terminus for suburban lines S3 & S4 that run to the north), through Largo Cairoli in front of the Castello, and past the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II hence nearby Milan Cathedral on the Piazza del Duomo; and eventually passing along not far from Milane Centrale Station to its terminus not far from the M1 Rovereto Metro Station. (SEE more in the detailed article on "Tram routes through Milan's central downtown".)

Milan's Tram 1 route map, go from Sempione district to Arco della Pace Arch of Peace, Cadorna, Largo Cairoli, Castello, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, MIlano Centrale, Rovoreto
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 1 from Sempione to near Milano Centrale Station. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

There are two other trams (12 and 19) going down Corso Sempione, both of which originate far north of Sempione close by the Expo 2015 site.

Tram 12

Tram 12 is also handy as it also cuts through the very centre of Milan. Before reaching the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace), it diverts to the east along the important Via Procaccini that takes it through and around most of Milan's Chinatown, eventually going past Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, before generally heading east through Porta Vittoria at the Piazza Cinque Giornate, and eventually to its terminus near the train station of Milano Porta Vittoria (which despite being on the outskirts of central Milan, has no less than six different suburban "S" routes that use this station along the way). (SEE more in the detailed article on "Tram routes through Milan's central downtown".)

Milan's Tram 19 route map, serving Sempione district, Via Procaccini, Chinatown, Milan Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo, Porta Vittoria, Piazza Cinque Giornate, Milano Porta Vittoria Station
Click for this Google map of Milan's Tram 12 from Sempione, past Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo via Chinatown and then west to Porta Vittoria through Piazza Cinque Giornate, terminating near Milano Porta Vittoria train station. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

Tram 19

Tram 19 heads for the often photographed Porta Ticinese, south of the city, via the inner ring road. It heads down Corso Sempione, and then diverts to pass the train and Metro M5 station of Domodossola, eventually following the path of the inner ring road and passing the intersection with the commercial shopping roads of Corso Magenta / Corso Vercelli; and then the train and Metro M2 stations at Porta Genova, past the newly redeveloped Darsena docks recreational area, before reaching its terminus at Piazzale XXIV Maggio, the site of Porta Ticinese.

Milan's Tram 19 route map, serving Sempione district, Domodossola Station, Porta Genova Station, Porta Ticicnese, Piazzale XXIV Maggio
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 19 from Sempione to Porta Ticinese. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab). 

Bus 78

There is also a regular Bus 78 service for those who wish to go direct to the San Siro Stadium, that cuts across the northern tip of Sempione, from Piazza Caneva, along Via Biondi, through Piazzale Chiesa and through the Fiera district, and eventually past the San Siro Stadium, before it heads generally southward to its terminus just near the Bisceglie M1 terminal station.

Milan's Bus 78 route map, from Sempione district, Fiera district, San Siro Stadium, Bisceglie
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Bus 78 that crosses the northern tip of the Sempione district on its way to the San Siro Stadium vi the Feria district and to its eventual terminus at Bisceglie M1 Metro Station. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).

Lilac M5 Metro Line

Most significantly of course, with the completion of the Zara to San Siro Stadium section of the M5 Metro line (coloured lilac) just in 2015, this is also the first time that this area is connected to Milan's Metro system. The M5 has an important interconnection at Garibaldi Station (M2 green, and it is also the central heart of Milan's suburban train "S" network), and a further interconnection at Zara with the M3 yellow line, and also an interconnection in the west at Lotto with the M1 red line. (SEE the detailed article on the lilac M5 Metro Line.)

So as you can see, since the completion of this part of the M5, the Sempione area, with nearby Metro stations on Via Domodossola , then just on the other side of Corso Sempione along Via Poliziano, at Piazza Gerusalemme; and another on Via Cenisio, is even more connected to the rest of Milan than ever before.

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Click on the picture to expand, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro.

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