Milan - stay in a hotel in the Fiera / Lotto area, with the San Siro Stadium as well as the trade fair area of Fieramilanocity nearby

Staying in the Fiera west area between the Fieramilanocity trade fair grounds and the large Piazzale Lotto can be a popular choice due to the trade fairs, exhibitions and conventions at the Fieramilanocity site with Europe's largest convention centre at the MiCo facility, and quick access to the nearby San Siro Stadium, one of Europe's most famous arenas of football.

weird roof of Milan's MiCo convention centre adjacent to Fieramilanocity in Fiera district
The weirdly wonderful MiCo convention centre, Europe's largest, completed 2012 (yes, it is finished despite the look), is at the end of Via Silva, next to the Portello M5 Metro Station - as you can see it is converted from the exhibition halls of Fieramilanocity which continues further along to the north - as seen on Google Maps

map of Milan Fiera west area between Lotto and Fieramilanocity, showing San Siro Stadium, with Metro M1 & M5 lines and Tram 16 line
Click to enlarge. Here is the area sandwiched east of the external ring road which runs through Lotto Metro Station (where the red M1 Metro line intersects with lilac M5, with the M5 western terminus visible at San Siro Stadium), and is west of the exhibition halls of Fieramilanocity, the Portello M5 Metro Statio and the MiCo convention centre. The Tram 16 line is in grey running parallel to the red M5 line, along Via Carlo Dolci. (You can also view the original interactive Google Map of this Fiera area.)

The so called Fiera district has had a long history. Because of Milan's central position, the city has always been important politically and economically. From the time prior to the 3rd century BC, according to Polybius, Mediolanum/Milan had "the most commanding position in the territory" of the Insubrian Celtic Gauls, with its strategic position "located in the middle of important roads (in the middle of the plain)", until 286 AD when the administration of the Roman Empire was split in two, and Mediolanum (Milan), not Rome, was made capital of the Western Empire, confirming and anointing Milan as an international centre - the city of Milan has always held great importance.

When it came to hosting the first World Expo in Italy, it was Milan that took this opportunity in 1906 - and with Expo 2015, Milan has become one of the few cities to host a World Expo more than once. The present downtown exhibition grounds of Fieramilanocity can trace its use to those times, as half of World Expo 1906 was held in this area; while the main focus of Fiera Milano has moved since 2005 to their newer and larger grounds in the northwest at Rho Fiera - SEE the more detailed article on how and why Milan became such a politically and economically important city - a centre for trade, commerce and the history and present status of the trade fairs of Fiera Milano.

As Milan has long been a centre for trade fairs at the downtown Fieramilanocity site, with still some remaining exhibition halls and the impressive MiCo convention centre since 2012, the areas surrounding Fieramilanocity have always had their share of hotels - also handy for those attending events at the San Siro Stadium, a bit further to the west, due to the this area's proximity to the stadium.

map of Milan Fiera west area between Lotto and Fieramilanocity with top restaurants, shops, supermarkets
Milanfinally Google Map of the general area between Fieramilanocity with the blue marker, and Piazzale Lotto with the brown marker. Via Silva shows a series of blue bus stops along it. Just the most popular and best-rated restaurants from Tripadvisor have been chosen and marked in purple. Shopping and supermarkets are marked in orange. You can go to the original interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan.

The area between Fieramilanocity and Piazzale Lotto is a fairly modern and quiet mixed office and residential area, mostly built in the 20th century - definitely not characterized as old and quaint; while others might even say rather "sterile", although the streets, at least, are often lined with young trees. The most vibrant street (or at least vibrant for this area) is Via Guglielmo Silva, with a number of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars
along there between Via Monte Bianco and Via Francesco Albani (check the Milanfinally Google Map for the best most popular ones) - there is even a big Ciao self-service restaurant just around the corner on Via Monte Bianco that is run by the large Autogrill company, if that's your style, although it doesn't really find favour with locals.

(This is the Google Streetview looking east along Via Guglielmo Silva, which seems the liveliest street of all around this Fiera area, with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.)

Good hotel rates in this area (taxes & fees already included!): 
2-star Hotel Nuovo Murillo, €63 || 4-star Best Western Hotel Astoria, €78 || 5-star Melia Milano, special price €132
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

Transport, hotels, restaurants and shops:

Several hundred meters away at the eastern end of Via Silva is the Portello M5 Metro Station (just opened in 2015) and the huge and weirdly wonderful MiCo convention centre. The Lotto Metro Station, beneath the big Piazzale Lotto, with stations for both M1 and M5 lines, is even closer at less than 300m away from Via Silva. There is a collection of hotels around Piazzale Lotto and between it and Via Silva. (For travel on the M1 Metro, SEE the article on  Milan's "Shopping Line" - the red M1 Metro. The lilac M5 Metro Line is discussed further below.)

At the southeastern corner of this area is the M1 Amendola Metro Station, one stop away from Lotto. From the Milanfinally Google Map, you will see that there is a supermarket and a number of popular restaurants around this focal point as well; and it is just around 200m away from what has been ranked as Milan's #1 restaurant on Tripadvisor with an impressive number, over 900 reviews, the "da Vic" restaurant southwest of Amendola Metro Station, Via Previati 21.

(Here is the Google Streetview of Piazza Amendola looking northwest. Feel free to click and drag around inside the Google Streetview to explore the area. You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps. There is a tiny red sign in the background which indicates the Amendola M1 Metro Station. You will see some small yellow-leaved trees behind that red Metro sign. There are 3 popular restaurants behind those small trees which you will find on the Milanfinally Google Map. On the right, you can see the sign of the popular Pepe & Sale Restaurant [review links on the Milanfinally Google Map]. If you drag the view around to the left, you will get to see a small grey "Moo" sign above a doorway, with the door shutters drawn down - this is the site of Mini Moo Sushi with excellent ratings [review links on the Milanfinally Google Map].)

map of Milan Tram 16 route to San Siro Stadium
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 16 route to the San Siro Stadium after passing through the heart of the old city - the only tram that goes by this Fiera area. You can also get the route and more details at Giromilano; and also on (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab).
There is only one tram line that comes anywhere close to this area, and that is Tram 16 that touches the southwest corner of this area, slicing diagonally through Piazzale Brescia, heading west towards its San Siro Stadium terminus. You will find a collection of hotels to the north of Piazzale Brescia.

Heading the opposite way towards the east, Tram 16 will take you to important places closer to the centre such as Via Marghera (past De Angeli M1 Metro Station at Piazza De Angeli, and close by the next M1 stop at Wagner Metro Station and Piazza Wagner with its famous permanent food market), the large Piazza Piemonte, shopping at Corso Vercelli, historical Corso Magenta (passing Da Vinci's "Last Supper" at Santa Maria della Grazie), then Milan Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, the heart of Milan. After the Cathedral, Tram 16 starts on its southeasterly route, past the various sites for the University of Milan, crossing Viale Monte Nero of the inner ring road, and continuing generally southeast to its terminus next to the Ortomercato, Italy's largest fruit and vegetable wholesale market. (SEE the detailed article about the route and places for hotel stays for the San Siro Stadium Tram 16.)

If the San Siro Stadium is your destination, the Metro stations on the M5 line in the northern half of this area, that is Lotto (also an M1 station here) and Portello, will also take you directly to their western M5 terminus at the stadium. The opposite direction on the lilac M5 Metro line will take you to Domodossola M5 Metro Station (possible to change to Trenord regional and suburban services - S2 & S4 - all to the north) where you can get off to explore the Sempione district. After the Cenisio M5 Metro Station is the very important Garibaldi FS Metro Station offering Milan's famous leisure and entertainment street, the rather short Corso Como; and a myriad interchange options: the green M2 Metro line, and Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station is the central heart of Milan's suburban train "S" network, as well as hosting a number of national and international services. After Porta Garibaldi, the M5 Metro line heads to a series of northern suburbs including: Isola, Zara (change with the yellow M3 Metro line), and Bicocca, an area which is made lively by the presence of the University of Milano-Bicocca. (SEE the detailed article on where you can go and what are the stations on the lilac M5 Metro Line.)

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Click on the picture to expand, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro, or go to the interactive Google Map with Milan Metro lines.

As an alternative way of getting to the San Siro Stadium, many fans used to just walk all the way from the Lotto Metro Station; and there is also Bus 49 which originates at Piazzale Lotto and goes past the San Siro Stadium on its way down to the southwestern railway station of San Cristoforo.

map of Milan Bus 49 route from Lotto to San Cristoforo station via Stadio San Siro
Click the map to enlarge; or you can go to the original interactive Google Map of Milan's Bus 49 route from Piazzale Lotto to San Cristoforo railway station, passing San Siro Stadium.

That vibrant street of Via Silva also has Bus 78 which goes along the street and then through Piazzale Lotto, and around the horse race track before coming around to the San Siro Stadium, and eventually to its terminus down further south at Bisceglie which is also the terminal Metro station for one fork of the M1 Metro line. Bus 78, in the opposite direction, can also be an alternative way of getting to the Sempione district.

map of Milan Bus 78 route from Via Govone, Via Biondi in the Sempione district, Via Silva in the Fiera district, San Siro Stadium, to Bisceglie
Click the map to enlarge; or you can go to the original interactive Google Map of Milan's Bus 78 route from Via Govone, Via Biondi in the Sempione district, Via Silva in the Fiera district, the San Siro Stadium, Bisceglie M1 Metro Station

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