Get a room north of Milan centre, along the lilac M5 Metro Line 5, beyond the external ring road.

The newest and most convenient way to get to the San Siro Stadium is to catch the Metro on Metro Line 5 (lilac - M5) to the underground station right next to the San Siro Stadium itself.

Although M5 has been in existence since 2013, the last 7 km westward stage from Milan's commuter centre of Garbaldi FS Station all the way to the San Siro Stadium was only opened in 2015 - making an accommodation choice for hotel or apartment along this M5 line perfect for the 2016 Champions League in Milan.

Watch out! The M5 is so new that the trains are automated and driverless. (I guess that means for these people catching trains in Italy that to do not have a driver........ that's... better??!)


The northern terminus of M5, Bignami, is in a quarter called Bicocca. This area, overall, is a bare modern dormitory suburb of Milan. Despite being at an extremity of the city of Milan, there are some hotels and accommodation around - and the Metro takes less than 15 minutes to get to the central Garibaldi FS station, and less than 25 minutes to get all the way to the San Siro Stadium at the other end of the M5 line. There are conveniently two shopping malls, within a reasonable walking distance of the Metro station: Centro Sarca a walk to the north, and Bicocca Village on a walk to the south. Another advantage is that it is not far away from the eastern side of the huge series of green spaces collectively known as Parco Nord open for public enjoyment and relaxation.

A photo posted by seven (@seveninaa) on

(The above Instagram of Parco Nord taken at the Bicocca end, near Bignami Metro Station.)

Good hotel rates found for this area, only two hotels close by Bignami station, and both have high 4/5 Tripadvisor review ratings (taxes & fees already included!):
4-star Hotel degli Arcimboldi, €73
4-star Starhotels Tourist, €77
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

image from interactive map of north Milan along the lilac M5 Metro Line, including shopping and restaurants, of such stations as Bignami, Bicocca, Ca Granda, Istria
You can go to the original interactive Milanfinally Google Map to see this map of the districts along the northern part of the lilac M5 Metro Line. The University of Milano-Bicocca is marked in blue; malls, supermarkets and other shopping opportunities in orange; there is one community market marked in yellow, and notable restaurants in purple.

Milan lilac M5 Metro Line
Image See also Milan Metro in Wikipedia.


Just two Metro stops further south of Bignami (after the intermediate station of Ponale), is Bicocca Metro Station itself. Although not a busy area, this is where the spreading campus of the University of Milano-Bicocca is. There are virtually no hotels near here, but there are definitely rentals available in
private accommodation such as apartments or B&B's; and if you can get them, then you can enjoy the number of bars and restaurants around here at unexorbitant student prices, and the green spaces that surround the campus. As shown on the Milanfinally Google Map, there is a high concentration of restaurants on the short Via San Glicerio that runs off the main northerly road, and there is also a small commercial centre for the university at Piazza della Trivulziana with restaurants, shops etc including one of the most highly rated Milan bakeries on Tripadvisor. If you want to buy some needs, within a reasonable walk is the Bicocca Village shopping mall to the north, Carrefour supermarket to the south, and Esselunga supermarket across the main road to the west. (SEE all of these marked on the interactive Milanfinally Google Map of Milan.)

Milan, Bicocca, University of Milano-Bicocca, aerial view of the Piazza della Trivulziana commercial centre there
University of Milano-Bicocca, with the Piazza della Trivulziana commercial centre in the foreground, Bicocca Village shopping mall top right edge (Bicocca Metro Station is further left out of shot).

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Ca Granda

In the area surrounding Ca Granda Metro Station which is next south, the Viale Giovanni Suzanni, running north from where it begins against the railway tracks, is a suburban commercial street (nothing special) until about about where it reaches Via Emilio de Martino - the usual mixture of ordinary-looking suburban cafes, restaurants and stores. However, on Viale Suzanni, there is a big Hotel Ibis with its adjoining Novotel where you can stay, and a landscaped park on the other side of the road (however, if you check hotel reviews, be aware that there may not be too much to cheer about for these two hotels). The Ca Granda Metro station is on the large main northerly road just a short walk from the Hotel Ibis.

Hotel Ibis with adjoining Novotel in Ca Granda, Milan, served by the lilac M5 Metro
An unlikely place for an international chain hotel? The Hotel Ibis with adjoining Novotel along an otherwise unremarkable suburban commercial street north of Milan in Ca Granda which is served by the lilac M5 Metro Line. Image of an original interactive streetview from Google Maps.

Ca Granda (and also the next stops of Istria and Marche) is also served by Tram 5 (not to be confused with the Metro M5) which will take you around to such areas as Milan Central train station (Milano Centrale), the Giardini Pubblici, and the southern end of the shopping Mecca, Corso Buenos Aires.

Milan Tram 5 route via Ca Granda, Istria, Marche, Milano Centrale, Giardini Pubblici, Corso Buenos Aires
Click for this Google Map of Milan's Tram 5 that travels through Ca Granda, Istria, Marche, and on past Milano Centrale, Giardini Pubblici and Corso Buenos Aires. 

Good hotel rates found for this area (taxes & fees already included!):
2-star Hotel Greco, €51
3-star Ibis Ca Granda, €65; Novotel available too!
- to get more details & map locations for this and other accommodation options, SEE bottom of this post further below

Istria, Marche, Zara, Isola

Next further south on the M5 line, the area around the circular Piazzale Istria and its Istria Metro Station has some commercial stretches along its streets, with cafes, restaurants and stores in low concentrations; but not really much to offer the traveler other than a few accommodation options.

And for the surrounding areas of the remaining M5 stations before Garibaldi FS - Marche (where Milan's External Ring Road runs past), Zara and Isola - there is really nothing much to remark about them either. (Zara Metro Station offers interchange with the yellow M3 Metro line for stations to other northern suburbs such as Comasina and Affori; and to important destinations south from here such as Centrale, Repubblica, Montenapoloeone, Duomo, then southeast to Porta Romana, Rogoredo FS and the terminus at San Donato; SEE the detailed article on the line for Porta Romana and direct from Duomo to Centrale - the yellow M3 Metro.)

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Onward connections westward on the Milan Metro M5 to Garibaldi, Domodossola, Portello, Lotto and San Siro Stadium

The northern arm of the M5 line was the first to open just in 2013, from Bignami in the north to Zara in the south. Zara served as its southern terminus for one year until the extension to Garibaldi (with intermediate station of Isola) in 2014.

The Garibaldi Metro Station has the most connections of all the M5 stations. Not only does this line intersect with the green M2 Metro; but it also lies under the Milano Porta Garibaldi Railway Station (Milan's second most important railway station) which is the focus of almost all of Milan's suburban "S" lines, and also hosts several national as well as international services - plus the Corso Como, Milan's famed leisure and entertainment street lies at its doorstep. The green M2 Metro Line goes on to the east to such important stops as Centrale (interchange with the yellow M3 Metro), the busy Loreto at the northern end of shopping mecca Corso Buenos Aires (interchange with the red M1 Metro), Piola in the Citta Studi district, Lambrate FS under the Milano Lambrate Railway Station, then far to the northeastern suburbs of Cologno Monzese and the terminus of Gessate. The green M2 Metro south of Garibaldi goes to such important station as: # Cadorna (interchange with the red M1 Metro again; as well as being under Milano Cadorna Railway Station, terminus for northern regional and suburban rail services of S1 and S4, and one of the termini for the airport Malpensa Express), # Porta Genova (under the Milano Porta Genova Railway Station) used for access to the popular Navigli leisure and entertainment district, and to its terminus far in the south at # Assago Milanofiori Forum with the nearby indoor venue of the Mediolanum Forum for important basketball matches, pop music concerts etc. (SEE the detailed article on the line that links the important railway stations of Centrale, Garibaldi and Cadorna - the green M2 Metro.)

Again, the situation of Garibaldi being the terminus of the M5 Metro line only lasted for a year until the next, more extensive, western extension to the new San Siro Stadium terminus opened in 2015.

The Domodossola Metro Station, west of Garibaldi, which intersects with the northward railway line at Milano Domodossola Railway Station one station up from Cadorna, is the first Metro station in the Sempione area of Milan (along with the intermediate stations of Gerusalemme and Cenisio), opening all of this area to Milan's Metro system.

The Portello and Lotto Metro Stations sandwich an area that often serves the trade fair activity at Fieramilanocity and the meetings and conferences at the MiCo convention centre, both of which lie adjacent to the east (SEE the detailed article on "The Fiera / Lotto area, with the trade fair halls & San Siro stadium nearby"). The Lotto Metro Station, beneath the large and busy Piazzale Lotto, offers interchange with the northwestern fork of the red M1 Metro Line which leads to the Rho Fiera terminus at the new exhibition grounds of Fiera Milano and the site of World Expo 2015 (SEE the detailed article on Milan's "Shopping Line" - the red M1 Metro).

After the stations of Segesta and the San Siro Ippodromo comes the western terminus of the M5 Metro line at San Siro Stadium. The San Siro stadium, Italy's largest, is home to both the major professional football teams of Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan; and since the 1920's has gained legendary status in Europe.

Milan Metro system geographic map of lines and stations
Click on the image to enlarge, or click the following link to go to the Wikipedia page on the Milan Metro, or go to the interactive Google Map with Milan Metro lines.

For further information, click to SEE the detailed articles:

Milan's public transport system - Tickets; what to buy, how to buy, how to use on ATM's network of Metro trains, trams and buses

- Red M1 Metro Line - Milan's "Shopping Line"

- Green M2 Metro Line - the only Metro line for the Navigli area at Porta Genova

- Yellow M3 Metro Line - the only Metro line to Porta Romana

- Lilac M5 Metro Line - the newest and most convenient way to get to the San Siro Stadium (this page)

- Tram routes through central downtown - there are circular routes too

- Tram 16, the traditional way to reach San Siro Stadium

- Milano Centrale Station & transport connections

- Best restaurants to try and the worst to avoid, inside Milano Centrale

- Porta Garibaldi Station with famous Corso Como - transport connections to Milan's second most important train station and the most important one for suburban commuter traffic

- Milan's Outer West and the San Siro Stadium - Metro, trams and the four bus routes that connect to San Siro Stadium

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