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Milan coat of arms featuring the red cross of St Ambrose, identical to but pre-dating the St George's Cross
On the website for the Municipality of Milan, you will see the use of Milan's coat of arms as its symbol. (SEE the story of Milan's coat of arms further below #).

Turismo Milano in English, official pages from the Municipality of Milan

Milan @

Milan @ - official website of Italy's stadium with the largest capacity Milan online map, by the Yellow Pages group

Milan @ geo-location social recommendations/reviews

Restaurant & food map of Milan @ - interactive map

Restaurant Map of Milan @ - interactive map

- Milanfinally interactive Google Map of Milan accommodation districts, best restaurants, shopping, landmarks, sights & attractions
- Milanfinally interactive Google Map of shopping and food markets in Milan
- Milanfinally interactive Google Map inside Milano Centrale Station of top restaurants with best ratings
- Milanfinally interactive Google Map of pedestrian routes for walking pleasure in Milan
- Milanfinally interactive Google Map of Ring Roads around Milan, ancient & modern

Public transport interactive online map of Milan @ - showing tram lines (orange), Metro (blue), bus routes (dark blue)

Public transport interactive online map of Milan @ - showing tram lines (blue), Metro (dark blue), bus routes (red)

Public transport in Milan under the authority of the official city-owned company for public transport, the Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM)

Giromilano is the web app of Milan's "ATM" authority for finding, scheduling and planning the best routes using ATM's comprehensive public transport network by map, moving around Milan using all transport options by map (use the Transport tab or the Calculate Route tab), website provided by the Municipality of Milan

Public transport in Milan @
 - one page giving a detailed introduction to the entire public transport system in Milan

Trams in Milan by Gabor Sandi - everything about the tram system in Milan, all on one page

Quei del Tredesin - an association of local stores and restaurants around the Porta Romana area of Milan, at (Porta Romana is known for its annual March springtime fair: in Milanese dialect, Tredesin de Mars.)

# The story of  Milan's coat of arms: At the top is a corona murale (a crown depicting city walls) - "the mural crown developed into a symbol of European heraldry, mostly for cities and towns".
Milan coat of arms
Below that is a shield with the red "Cross of St Ambrose". St Ambrose, was a 4th century bishop of Milan who is celebrated in the ancient history of Christianity, and is the patron saint of Milan. "It was created in the early eleventh century by combining the emblem of nobility (red) with that of the people (white). In the Declaration of Pontida of 1167, a number of northern Italian cities constituted the Lombard League to fight the Emperor and gain independence. The League adopted the emblem of Milan as its symbol." Thus this red cross also was adopted as the symbol of other Northern Italian cities such as Bologna, Padua, and notably, Genoa. A Wikipedia article states: "In 1188 red and white crosses were chosen to identify the French and English troops" in the crusade, and were also worn by the Knights Templar around that same era. Prior to the adoption of the "Cross of St Ambrose" by the city-state of Genoa, St George had become that city's patron saint. This is the origin for this cross being referred to as St George's Cross: "The association of the red-on-white cross with the Saint probably arises in Genoa, which had adopted... George as their patron saint..." Thus it was St Ambrose's Cross before it was St George's Cross, and subsequently spreading to the rest of Europe, including its use as the flag of England, and within the flag and coat of arms of Barcelona.


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