Ring of National Bypass Motorways (Tangenziali) around Milan

Locations in Milan are often referred to in relation to the various ring roads that encircle the almost perfectly circular Milan city.

Let us begin with the most modern and outermost one for which, in fact, the circle has yet to be completely joined - that is, the system of  "Tangenziale" around Milan, which are national-level bypass motorways around Milan. The system consists of the A50 in the west and south, the A51 in the east, and the A52 in the north which still has a missing link in its middle, a work in progress (presently connected by the fine highways of SP 46 and SP 33; but not yet up to full Autostrada grade).

roadworks still in progress to complete Tangenzailae A52 along SP 46 and SP 33 which will join together the entire Ring of National Bypass Motorways around the outside of Milan
Google Streetview shows ongoing roadworks still in 2015 to upgrade SP 46 (Strada Provinciale) and also SP 33 (the missing links in A52) so that Tangenziale A52 can be complete - then the entire Ring of National Bypass Motorways around Milan (Tangenziali) will have been joined up.  You can also go to the original streetview on Google Maps.

map of the incomplete ring of Tangenziali National Bypass Motorways which will soon encircle Milan
Ring of National Bypass Motorways around Milan (Tangenziali) - Click the following link to view the original interactive Milanfinally Ring Roads of Milan Google Map


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