External Ring Road of Milan, the "Beruto Plan"

The outermost, and rather distant, Tangenziale ring road (made up of National Bypass Motorways) is not to be confused with the "Circonvallazione esterna" external ring road of Milan which is found 3-5 km further in. (SEE ALL of the ring roads on the interactive Milanfinally Ring Roads of Milan Google Map.) This "relatively" new external ring road was in fact joined together as part of the 1884 "Beruto Plan", Milan's first city plan.

the Beruto Plan, Milan's first city plan - an old paper edition - showing the route for Milan's External Ring Road
This 1884 city plan for Milan by a seemingly faceless city Chief Engineer, Cesare Beruto - a plan that has had a great impact on city life and development, and has served Milan well for over a hundred years - shows its direct relationship to the External Ring Road "Circonvallazione esterna" that exists to this day.

Currently, the eastern half of this external circle is served by Trolley Bus 92; while the entire circle is followed (not entirely faithfully) by the circular routes of clockwise Trolley Bus 90 and counter-clockwise Trolley Bus 91.

route map of trolleybuses that travel on and around Milan's External Ring Road: trolleybus numbers 90, 91 and 92 Trolleybus 90 that goes clockwise around Milan's External Ring Road
Image 1:Click route map to enlarge, Trolleybuses in Milan, Wikipedia.org. Image 2: Trolleybus 90, clockwise around Milan's external ring road, Trolleybus in fr.vikidia.org


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